The SEIFSA  Training Centre is proud to offer a groundbreaking business incubation and support initiative known as Hubs for Active Economic Participation (HAEP). This program is designed to leverage the technical skills, entrepreneurial passion, and potential of talented individuals and potential entrepreneurs, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
HAEP is a special-purpose vehicle that offers a supportive and nurturing environment for entrepreneurs to launch and grow powerful businesses. Through this program, SEIFSA Training Centre aims to empower and enable individuals to establish sustainable enterprises that can successfully operate in the mainstream economy.
The program is focused on providing participants with access to business incubation and support services that are tailored to meet their unique needs. This includes access to technical assistance, mentorship, and training programs designed to enhance their business skills, management capabilities, and financial literacy.
The HAEP program is designed to help individuals overcome common barriers to entry into the business world, such as lack of access to capital, networks, and market opportunities. Through the program, participants will be able to gain access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts who can offer guidance and support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.
Overall, the Hubs for Active Economic Participation (HAEP) program offered by SEIFSA Training Centre is an exciting opportunity for talented individuals and potential entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into a reality. By providing a supportive and nurturing environment for entrepreneurial growth, the program is poised to help unlock the potential of individuals from diverse backgrounds and create a more inclusive and vibrant economy for all.

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